Welcome, sea star.

Salutations, sweetheart.

I’m Sui.

Anti-heroine, lover, writer, artist, musician, and feminist engineer at your service. I create for open hearts. I live in a city surrounded by water, my name is pronounced sway and I love you.

Fare thee well today, my dear?

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Lovely Words

“your pictures, your poetry (even your prose has an air of poetry), your whole blog is just so beautiful. seeing the world through your eyes and mind is always calming, and often thought-provoking. i’m transported to a world of dreams, ordinary, imperfect, not ideals just whispers of memory. shadows and colors bring out the vision, while observation and reflection create tone and meaning. your writing is terse but very open. i guess what i’m saying is, thank you for being here on tumblr.”
- Anonymous, message on Tumblr

“Your letter lifted my heart. Thank you.
The work on your website is very human. And by that I mean it is honest and humble. It grabs me.
- Kelsey Bulkin, Singer-Songwriter/Musician